From the Desk of the Director – April 2019

From the desk of the Director:

Spring-cleaning is a common exercise with the month of April in our midst. We witness the bright sun shining across the horizon for a longer period of day, illuminating what surrounds us in our house and home. Showing us a collection of winter particles, too small to recognize in the dim of winter. We might go after it. Eradicate it. Wipe it away, to be covered again in less than one week. If it makes you feel good, then just do it. Cleaning is not a habit for many, and good clean habits are hard to come by these days. A disorganized desk to a cluttered kitchen and on the cusp of spring-cleaning, our minds and bodies go through this shedding period too. Here are a few tips in finding more uncluttered space in life: Relax, reflect and take deep breaths, as frequently as needed. Relaxation provides more emotions that are positive and reduces negative emotions such as fear and anger. Take time to meditate, which can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate, adrenaline and cortisol level (stress hormones). Start and practice Tai Chi, which incorporates focused movements, breathing and balance. Take a walk. Around the block, around Seward, from the beach to 1st lake strive for 10 minutes per day. It just feels good to relax. Breathe and get that first breath of spring air. If it makes you feel good, then just do it.