From the Desk of the Director – August 2019

From the desk of the Director:

The annual Silver Salmon Derby, a Chamber of Commerce event, is coming up August 10th – 18th, 2019, which is a salmon enhancement project, protecting our aquaculture resource. Like the Salmon Derby, the Senior Center provides senior enhancement programs and services throughout the year, with community and individual donations dedicated back into our healthy habitat at the center. Our daily intention is to positively impact your day-to-day living experiences.

If you consider the ocean for a moment, where salmon thrive, on the surface there is almost continual activity and change. Sometimes it is calm, and other times it can be extremely turbulent. During the turbulent times, droplets are lifted and formed into waves – and the waves crash back on to the surface. As a droplet on the surface, it appears there is no control. However, underlying the surface is a vast body of water that is relatively unmoving, and unchanging. It is still and calm beneath the surface, and fish thrive.

In life, we appear to function like droplets on the surface. We don’t know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next – change seems to be continually occurring – and sometimes it appears we are being battered by life. We’re so heavily identified with our self, and fixated with the idea that the people around us are separate individuals, that we seem to function like individual droplets. Although the droplets appear to be separate, they are not – they are an integral component of the ocean.    

Just imagine that underlying you, and everyone and everything that exists, is a vast ocean of stillness and calm and peace. Imagine what it would be like functioning as that ocean – aware of the changes on the surface but not battered by them. Imagine how calm, peaceful and effective life would be, as we thrive together, not as separate droplets.