From the Desk of the Director – September 2019

From the desk of the Director:

September is National Senior Center month, which coincides with Suicide Prevention month.

How are you today?  In life, not everything smells like roses and not every day is great. This is just how life moves along, when somedays are just better than others are. Life goes on; we grieve, we heal and hopefully we can get back up on our feet, brush off the pain and move forward. Sure wish it worked that easy as we face challenges, unexpected changes or many times, situations that are out of our control.

I want to share a personal story with you today. I was fortunate enough this year to wish my brother a happy 60th birthday, who still lives close to my other four siblings in Oregon. He had a tough time last year after his wife left him, he broke his arm and finally tried to take his own life. Maybe it was his way of dealing with the emotional pain.  Maybe he was reaching out for help. Luckily, for his kid sister, his suicide attempt was unsuccessful. This experience became part of helping heal our brother and our family, closing the space that life creates between family members, friends and even neighbors.

Today, my brothers get together every Monday night for dinner, whether it is just a sandwich or spaghetti. They all share stories of personal courage and why they are happy to be alive and together. It is that simple! All of my brothers are better for this dedication to the family, especially my beloved brother, Kevin.

Do you have someone you can turn to when you are down? Who do you think cares about your life? Your whole community cares because when we care together, we succeed together. You will find some awesome resources in this month’s newsletter. Remember, ask before you cross that road to nowhere, we want you to stay here with us.