From the Desk of the Director – October 2019

Desk of the Director

October in Alaska brings a sense of richness, as residents receive the long awaited Permanent Dividend Fund, which brings relief to overdue bills, filling the cupboard or waiting for a down payment for a new car. We all have different needs, as we figure out how to spend or invest these annual dividend payments.

For those of you who are seeking opportunities to invest, you can rest assured that a donation to the Seward Senior Center will go directly to your choice of services.  These contributions aid and enable our senior population to enjoy homemade hot meals delivered to the comfort of their home, due to their inability to travel to the center for the fantastic and engaging noontime meal service.

Seniors turn to the center staff for emotional and health promotional support, with the understanding that they can rely on our trained and educated staff for terrific leadership and direct referrals to many of the other support services that are available in this seaside town. We find solutions daily.

Supportive transportation program enables seniors to access community and center programs and services, eliminating the threat of isolation. In addition, during the long winter months, it is even more important to visit with friends, get involved in activities and to learn that they have rich friendships waiting for them at the center. We go the extra mile for a smile.

Staff strive to stay abreast of Social Security and Medicare services, taking the necessary educational step to continue serving these counseling needs.  Educated staff can eliminate your frustration and telephone waiting time with SSA/MEDICARE, as you navigate your way through retirement and medical insurance.  We are here to ease your burden.

So, when you are thinking how you can help financially, or leave a legacy in the SSC Endowment, you can trust this agency that we will be frugal and financially responsible in providing the best unduplicated senior services in Seward. Together, you can help us help others.