From the Desk of the Director – December 2019

Desk of the Director

We dream of making a positive difference in our little seaside community. We embrace each senior we serve with

an open mind and heart to make the greatest impact on their well-being and security in Seward.

We are hard-working, compassionate, honest, caring, friendly and meet everyone at the door with humility and strength. This resonates with our active volunteers, donors and those who are our greatest advocates in senior services. Together we strengthen the thread that weaves our lives together, as we quilt scraps, to create a warmth of comfort and a mosaic of delight that we extend to all those we serve.  At times, we are the only insulation for some seniors as they face the loss of a spouse, eyesight and the simple mobility that we take for granted. Together, we all support the same mission to preserve independence and security for the Seward senior.

Later in January, the center will be closed for three weeks to implement the Modernization of Senior Services, a construction project to improve our efficiencies and your experience while visiting your center.  We will continue all services at other community locations during this time, with little interruption in services.  We will reopen to a new and improved look in February.

Over this holiday season, may you find peace with yourself and give freely of your gifts, so all might be at peace during the long winter season.