We are working hard to ensure we can continue to provide some of our most critical programs and services to people in need in our community.  As such, we need to ensure that Seward Senior Center does not become a vector for transmission of the disease.  Please help us by doing the following:

1.       Stay home if you have any symptoms, including a cough, a tickle in your throat or other respiratory problems, getting unusually winded when walking upstairs or a fever (even temperature of 100 degrees).  This applies to members, visitors, staff and volunteers. 

2.      Wash your hands immediately upon arriving at the Center for 20 seconds using soap and warm water.  Wash your hands several times throughout the day and use the hand sanitizer stations set up throughout our buildings.

With your help, we can keep the critical services we provide available to those who need them. 

Thank you!

SSC Staff